Espoo’s upper secondary schools tested virtual reality in teaching

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2020-12-01 9:00

Lukioiden VR-kokeilu

Upper secondary school students from  Otaniemen lukio and Etelä-Tapiolan lukio have created virtual reality (VR) content as part of their studies. At the same time, their teachers have utilised the VR platform in teaching.

The two schools cooperated with the Espoo City Museum in an experiment carried out between February and October 2020. The aim of the experiment was to evaluate the opportunities offered by virtual reality in teaching. 

Four teachers and about a hundred students participated in the experiment. The students created content in three subjects: history, geography and visual arts.  

In the feedback survey, the students told that the experiment taught them about VR technology as well as the subject and specific topic they created content for. The experiment also improved the students’ digital skills. As the students produced the VR content themselves, they also learned about data processing in an in-depth manner. 

The experiment showed that VR technology enriches teaching methods and the VR platform is also suitable for distance learning. The experiment also strengthened the working life skills that students will need in the future. Another observation was that a simpler platform worked better for students than a platform with a wide range of functionalities. The platform is easier to use if the content creator has examples of previously created content at their disposal. 

Similar VR technology has also been tested this autumn by Espoo’s early childhood education, where the daily life of day care centres has been introduced through VR technology. Read more in the press release. 

The experiment was part of the Digital Agenda of the City of Espoo that aims at the development of the city’s services using digital solutions and new technologies. 

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