Espoo offers pre-primary school children activities and tips

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2020-04-16 16:00

On 6 April, the Ministry of Education and Culture announced that pre-primary education will continue as contact teaching. Municipalities are not obliged to offer pre-primary education as distance learning. It is recommended that parents keep their children at home, if possible.

However, the City of Espoo wants to make exciting ideas available to children to support their well-being. Families can experience the joy of learning through a selection of weekly activities.

Espoo offers pre-primary school children tips and activities every week

Espoo-based families will receive information from their child’s pre-primary education group every week, including the themes the group is currently studying and tips on activities that the families can do at home. The tips may include exercises or assignments that children can do alone or together with their guardians at home.

Pre-primary education is not available as regular real-time distance education, which means that children do not have to be in front of a screen at a certain time. Families can do these activities at their own pace and in a way that suits them.

More information from pre-primary education staff

Pre-primary educators will keep in touch with families using the same channels that a child’s group has used previously, for example email. If a pre-primary education unit has other methods available, they may also be used. The staff will also contact families by phone to discuss how the children are doing during the exceptional situation.

Children who attend pre-primary education can still use pupil welfare services. Pre-primary education staff will also contact pupil welfare services if they are concerned about a child. Further information about the services is available on our website at You are not alone - student welfare services continue to help if you are worried.