Touhula Seaside International excels at customer satisfaction

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2021-05-10 9:58

Touhula Seaside International excels at customer satisfaction

Throughout the previous year, the Touhula Seaside International daycare centre in Espoo has been receiving increasingly positive feedback from children’s parents. However, what makes Touhula Seaside different from other Finnish daycare centres, is that it is an international daycare where the language of instruction is English.

The cultural and linguistic backgrounds of both the daycare’s children and staff is truly diverse. Because of this, every day at Touhula Seaside is filled with engaging and educational activities that emphasise the diversity of different cultures within the daycare.

Touhula Seaside’s daycare manager Sirpa Lassila and her assistant manager Clarice Omondi were eager to discuss the daycare centre’s daily routines and what makes it an international as well as an educational environment for both staff and children.

Learning and pedagogy at the heart of every day

Sirpa and Clarice explain how they aim to teach the children about cultures and traditions of different countries in an engaging and interactive manner. This is done by utilising books, dances, songs and different cultural celebrations. Internationality is also an integral feature of the daycare’s staff:

– The internationality can be seen also in the background the teachers come from, we are not purely Finnish teachers. Sirpa has made sure that she sources for talent from different people. She appreciates the value we bring to this daycare, Clarice says.

In addition to the international profile of the staff and children, one important aspect of daily life in Touhula Seaside is the use of play-based pedagogy in order to interact with children in a meaningful way. Both Sirpa and Clarice have noticed how the children love learning English in this manner:

– According to research, children are most adaptive from ages 2 to 6. They do not have criticism towards themselves, so they can learn English so fast, Sirpa explains.

– We use a lot of positive reinforcement strategies. This is also based on research. By using positive reinforcement strategies, we come down to the children’s level of understanding, so it is easy to build that rapport and connection with them. They can understand what you tell them. This comes with this positive energy, positive learning environment and use of more positive strategies for learning, Clarice continues.

Touhula Rhythm and HEI School project bring support and confidence

Two things that have greatly supported pedagogy in Touhula Seaside are Touhula Rhythm and the HEI School project by the University of Helsinki. For example, the HEI School project has given ideas regarding how to engage both children and parents with playful assignments to be done together at home, how children’s art is displayed at the daycare or how children’s development can be evaluated.

– Touhula Rhythm has given us support and confidence. It is based on Finnish early childhood education and we can trust that it is the right way to go. We are also highly motivated and eager to utilise the HEI School materials and pedagogical information. I personally am so glad that everybody is in on this one, Sirpa says.

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Keilaranta 5
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For more information, please contact the Daycare Manager Sirpa Lassila, tel. +358 10 325 8626 /