Information for service providers

A service voucher is one way of providing a municipality’s statutory early childhood education. In connection with approving the budget, the Espoo City Council decided to introduce service vouchers as of 1 August 2021. Service vouchers will be available for early childhood education services provided by private day care centres. Each service provider can choose whether they want to become a service provider in the service voucher system.

Value of a service voucher

The maximum value of a service voucher for early childhood education at a day care centre is EUR 870 per month per child for an over 3-year-old child. The price ceiling for a service voucher for early childhood education is EUR 50 per month, which means that a service provider can charge an early childhood education fee that is EUR 0–50 higher than that charged for municipal early childhood education.

The coefficients related to service vouchers are as follows:

  • Coefficients based on a child’s age:

    • The coefficient for a child who has turned three is 1.00 (EUR 870)

    • The coefficient for a child under the age of three is 1.55 (EUR 1,349)

  • Coefficients based on a child’s need for early childhood education:

    • The coefficient for full-time early childhood education is 1.00 (EUR 870)

    • The coefficient for part-time early childhood education (max. 25 hrs/week) is 0.60 (EUR 522)

    • The coefficient for early childhood education connected to pre-primary education is 0.50 (EUR 435)

How to become a service provider in the service voucher system

Service providers can join the service voucher system through the PSOP system (a system for service vouchers and outsourced services). They will need to add the required information and attachments through the system. All applications submitted by 31 January 2021 will be processed during February. The status of an application can be checked through the PSOP system. Service providers will receive an extract of an office holder’s decision record.

How to use a service voucher

Families can apply for a service voucher for a private day care centre as of March 2021. Vouchers can be used for early childhood education starting from 1 August 2021. Families can apply for a service voucher in the same way as they would apply for municipal early childhood education, by filling in an application through the City of Espoo’s online system (eVaka). The applicant will receive an email instructing them to contact the day care centre. If the applicant has not contacted the day care centre, the service provider will contact the applicant.

Information about applicants

The service provider (the director of the day care centre) will see a summary of each application concerning their day care centre through Espoo’s online system immediately after a family has submitted an application. Espoo’s Early Childhood Education Service Guidance will make a placement proposal to the day care centre. After the service provider has accepted the proposal, the family will receive an approved service voucher decision. The family will then accept or reject the service voucher through the online system or by submitting a paper acceptance notification to the day care centre. Service providers will receive training in the eVaka system in February/March 2021.

Further information

Service providers can send questions related to early childhood education in Espoo by email to