Information for families

Service vouchers for early childhood education will be available to families in Espoo as of 1 August 2021. A service voucher is one way of providing early childhood education before a child attends compulsory education.

The City of Espoo contributes to the costs of private early childhood education by granting a child-specific service voucher to families. The municipality grants a service voucher for a child’s early childhood education.

Service vouchers are available to families whose child is entitled to early childhood education. When using a service voucher, the family cannot receive private day care allowance or child home care allowance and the child cannot attend municipal early childhood education.

The City of Espoo will grant a service voucher, at the latest, until the end of July (31 July) of the year when the child’s compulsory pre-primary education starts. The family will need to apply for a separate service voucher for the pre-primary education year if their child needs early childhood education in addition to pre-primary education.

Income-based service voucher

For families, the monthly fee for early childhood education provided through a service voucher is no more than EUR 50 higher than the fee for municipal early childhood education. Some service providers may charge the above-mentioned additional fee. The prices of each day care centre will be added to this page in March.

The service voucher for early childhood education is income-based, as are the client fees for early childhood education.

How to apply for a service voucher

Families can apply for a service voucher for a private day care centre as of March 2021 and use it for early childhood education starting from 1 August 2021. The application must be submitted at least four months before early childhood education starts.

A list of the private day care centres that accept a service voucher will be added to this page in early March.

You can apply for a service voucher in the same way as you would apply for municipal early childhood education, by filling in an application through the City of Espoo’s online system ( Under the application section “Preferred units”, select the service voucher unit to which you want to apply. We recommend that you contact the day care centre at the latest after submitting your application.


Pilke Tuulikello 0 €
Pilke Siru 0 €
Pilke Kilo 0 €


Pilke Laajalahti, Espoo 0 €
Touhula Seaside International 50 €
Touhula Innopoli International 50 €


Pilke Maria Montessori 30 €
Pilke Merituuli 30 €
Pilke Kattimatti 30 €
Touhula Tikasmäki 12 €
Murut Olari  50 €


Pilke Merikatti 30 €
Pilke Merikisu 30 €
Pilke Kissankulma 30 €
Luontopäiväkoti Tenava-Tilli 25 €
Liikuntapäiväkoti Areena 15 €
Touhula Vekaralahti 12 €
Touhula Vekaravuori 12 €

Espoon keskus

Tenava-Kärry 50 €
Touhula Palolampi 12 €
Touhula Fallåker 12 €

Decision on a service voucher and its value

Families will receive a decision on a service voucher no later than one month before the start of early childhood education and a decision on the value of their service voucher no later than when early childhood education starts. Families can read their decisions through the service if they use the service. Otherwise the decisions will be sent by post.