Private day care allowance

Statutory private day care allowance and a municipal supplement to Espoo residents

Private day care allowance can be granted if your child attends a private day care centre or family day care, or if your family employs a caregiver approved by the municipality. Private day care allowance includes care allowance, a care supplement which depends on your family’s income, and a municipal supplement to Espoo residents.

To get private day care allowance and a municipal supplement, the child’s parent/guardian needs to send an application to Kela. Kela always pays the allowance directly to the private service provider.

If your child is granted private day care allowance, the child cannot attend a club organised by the city.

Any allowance paid in excess will be recovered from the parents of the child that has received the allowance decision. To avoid this, always notify Kela immediately if your child stops attending private early childhood education.

Sibling supplement to private day care allowance

In addition to Kela’s allowance, the City of Espoo pays a sibling supplement to families if at least two children of the family in question attend early childhood education produced by a private service provider in a day care centre, group family day care or family day care at the home of the caregiver. The sibling supplement is also paid if some of the children in a family attend private early childhood education, for which private day care allowance has been granted, while others attend municipal or outsourced early childhood education.

The maximum sibling allowance is EUR 173/month. The city pays the sibling allowance directly to the early childhood provider starting from the second child in the family who attends early childhood education.

For the allowance to be paid, the service provider must agree to subtract the sibling supplement from the early childhood education fee it invoices from the family, starting from the second child who attends early childhood education. The agreement form and the related service fees are available on the site Private early childhood education forms.

Please direct any questions concerning the sibling supplement to the Financial Management unit of the Education and Cultural Services of the City of Espoo on weekdays at 9–13: tel. 09 816 27400.

Private day care allowance for children in pre-primary education

If your child attends early childhood education in addition to pre-primary education, you may apply for private day care allowance.

Upon the family’s application, Kela pays private day care allowance to the service provider, for each pre-school-age child attending private early childhood education, from the beginning of August until the end of May next year. Private day care allowance includes

  • care allowance: EUR 64,24
  • a municipal supplement: EUR 110
  • a care supplement: EUR 0–73,41 depending on your family’s income. If you are granted income-dependent care allowance, you will also get a municipal supplement of EUR 100/month as an Espoo resident.

You may apply for allowance for full-time early childhood education for your child for the months of June and July before basic education begins.

If a child residing in Espoo attends pre-primary education in a private day care centre or school located in another municipality, the payment of private day care allowance may vary.

Pre-primary education and early childhood education organised by other service providers

The City of Espoo will pay the difference between the sums above also for children who attend pre-primary education provided by other parties (other municipalities, pre-primary and basic education providers approved by the state) in August before pre-primary education begins if the service provider and the child’s guardians have signed a contract concerning the child’s early childhood education for that period of time. In this case, the amount of allowance paid depends on the number of days the child attends early childhood education.

When the child is receiving pre-primary education, the pre-primary education provider pays]  reimbursement for pre-primary education to the private service provider. Alternatively, the pre-primary education provider can get central government transfers for organising pre-primary education. If you child’s early childhood education has been organised in some other way, this does not entitle you to other forms of allowance in addition to those paid by Kela.