Start-up grant

Providers of private early childhood education can apply for a start-up grant from the City of Espoo to help with setting up new operations. The start-up grant can be applied for all year round.

To what is the start-up grant meant for? 

The start-up grant is granted for costs arising from acquiring and modifying the premises of day-care centres and group family day-care centres operating with the help of the private day care allowance as well as for acquiring the movables, operating equipment and materials required in starting the operations. The start-up grant is granted for premises acquired by early childhood education providers or leased by them for at least three years.

The purpose of the start-up grant is to support the creation of early childhood education places in areas where there is particular demand for new places. Private day-care providers acquire their premises by themselves. The early childhood education expert of the area in question must be contacted prior to applying for the start-up grant (see the bottom of the page). An assessment of the suitability of the premises for use as early childhood education premises must be requested from the expert.

How much is the start-up grant? 

The maximum amount of the start-up grant is €3,000/early childhood education place to be established for children living in Espoo. For the purpose of acquiring operating equipment and materials, the maximum amount is 15% of the €3,000/place to be established. The start-up grant cannot exceed the actual start-up costs/place to be established.

What is needed in the application? 

– start-up grant form
– plan for the use of the start-up grant
– valid registration extract
– budget for operational economy
– operating plan
– lease (for at least three years)
– tax debt certificate
– bank security in the euro amount corresponding to the applied support
– plan for ensuring the high-quality of the services
– statements by the fire, health and early childhood education authorities
– permit by the building inspection authority to use the premises for day care
– report of any other possible information that the applicant wishes to resort to

In addition, a separate commitment is required from a private early childhood education service provider stating that he/she will return the start-up grant if the operations are not launched within one year or if the operations are discontinued within two years from their launch. If the operations are discontinued within three years from their launch, the early childhood education service provider must return half of the start-up grant.

The decision about granting a start-up grant is taken by the director of Finnish Early Education.

The recipient of a start-up grant must provide all the information seen necessary by the city for processing the start-up grant application, granting the start-up grant and monitoring its use.

Further information:

Varhaiskasvatuksen erityissuunnittelija Anne Peltonen, puh. 050 320 9753
Espoonlahti, varhaiskasvatuksen asiantuntija Mirkku Häggman, puh. 050 501 0382
Leppävaara, varhaiskasvatuksen asiantuntija Miia Mynttinen, puh. 050 325 8621
Matinkylä-Olari, varhaiskasvatuksen asiantuntija Kati Smeds, puh. 050 520 2311
Tapiola, varhaiskasvatuksen asiantuntija Suvi Leppälä, puh. 050 550 0296