Play park carer

Play parks are public playing areas built by the City of Espoo meant for use by the residents. Private play park carers may offer their services in the play parks. The activities are subject to a fee and the play park carers choose themselves the children attending the activities. The city monitors the play park carer activities.

Espoo Centre area

There are no play park carer activities in the area at the moment.

Espoonlahti area

Laurinlahti Play Park, Ankkuripohja Park
The park is located in the vicinity of the Kourakuja alley in the centre of Espoonlahti.
Mon–Fri at 9–11:30 am
Play park carer Seija Poikonen
Tel. 09 803 9220 or 050 544 7432

Latokaski Residents’ Park, fenced play area
Lehtikaskentie 7
The play park carer is present according to agreement, call or e-mail to:
Play park carer Anna Jalanka
Tel. 045 258 7779

Leppävaara area

Huvilinnanaukio Play Area
Activities from August to June on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30–11:00 am
Play park carer Larissa Strodel-Paananen

Matinkylä-Olari area

There are no play park carer activities in the area at the moment.

Tapiola area

Tuuliniitty Play Area/Hakalehto Park (Helena’s Park)
– Mon–Fri at 9:00–11:30 am
– 1–3 instructors, a lot of singing
Helena Antikainen, tel.  050 500 4278

Toppelundinportti Park/Sorsakivi Play Park
– Tue, Wed, Thu at 9:30–11:45 am
Johanna Weckström 050 583 9976
Annamaria Buss 045 652 4814

Lukupuropuisto Play Area (Lukupuro Park)
Tue, Wed, Thu at 9 am–12 noon
– outdoors playing
Outi Haapanen, tel. 050 598 6153