Open playgrounds with staff

The open playgrounds with staff are intended for children of different ages and early teens as well as their parents and carers. The activity is open and free of charge, with no advance registration required.  The open playgrounds with staff offer the possibility for supervised morning and afternoon activities for young school children as well as for a snack subject to a fee.

The open playgrounds with staff offer activities to children and adults in instructed and self-directing groups indoors and outdoors. Children under school age attend the activities together with a parent or some other adult caring for them. The staff, clients and other cooperation partners plan together the operations of the residents’ parks. The residents’ parks may also offer clubs subject to a fee.

For schoolchildren

The open playgrounds with staff offer the possibility for morning and afternoon activities for young school children. During the school year, a snack subject to a fee is offered to the children. Further information is available from the instructors of the residents’ parks.

Open playgrounds with staff in residential areas (in Finnish)

Espoon keskus
    Hiirisuon asukaspuisto
    Järvenperän asukaspuisto ja nuorisotila
    Kylätalo Palttinan asukaspuisto
    Suvelan asukaspuisto
    Kivenlahden asukaspuisto
    Latokasken asukaspuisto
    Pisan asukaspuisto
    Soukan asukaspuisto
    Karakallion asukaspuisto
    Leppävaaran asukaspuisto
    Perkkaan asukaspuisto
    Viherkallion asukaspuisto
    Matinkylän asukaspuisto
    Olarin asukaspuisto
    Mankkaan asukaspuisto
    Tapiolan asukaspuisto

Hiring premises

Residents have the possibility of using the premises of the residents’ parks also in the evenings and over the weekends when agreed in advance. The price is €43.40 for each three beginning hours. Hiring the premises is agreed directly with the residents’ park.