New bilingual group to start at Kivimiehen päiväkoti day-care centre on 3 August 2020

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2020-05-15 14:24

A bilingual (Finnish-English) early childhood education group for 4–5-year-olds is about to launch at the Kivimiehen päiväkoti day-care centre in August 2020. The goal is that, in future, there will also be pre-primary education in the bilingual group.

In bilingual early childhood education, activities are designed such that early childhood education given in two languages forms an entity in which both languages are present and develop gradually.

The activity is based on the City of Espoo's early childhood education plan (2019) using two languages in an enriched fashion. The group employs an early childhood education child nurse and two early childhood education teachers, one of whom mainly uses English.

If interested in a bilingual early childhood education group, please complete the application by 31 May at To apply for a bilingual group, enter the additional information in the request for a bilingual group section. A second option must also be recorded in the application form. If there is no room for all applicants in the group, another early childhood education group will be assigned to them. It is possible to change the information of applications already submitted. In that case, please contact the Service Guidance:

Service guidance for early childhood education
09 816 31000

Postal address
P.O. Box 3125
02070 City of Espoo


Mon 9–11am and 12noon–2pm
Tue 9–11am and 12noon–2pm
Wed 9–11am and 12noon–2pm
Thu 1–5pm
Fri 9–11am and 12noon–2pm

The age structure of children will be considered when forming the group. If there are more applicants than the group can accommodate, a draw is held among the applicants. Due to the status of early childhood education places, approximately one half of the language group's places will be reserved for children at the Kivimiehen päiväkoti day-care centre in autumn 2020.