Information to early childhood education guardians

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2020-08-10 9:50

In early childhood education, the new year of operations has started at the beginning of August, and Thursday 13 August will see the launch of Finnish-language pre-primary education. A warm welcome to take part in our activities!

City of Espoo’s early childhood education and pre-primary education closely follow valid government guidelines to curb the spread of the coronavirus. We would like to remind you of our shared responsibility for ensuring safe operating environments, and we hope that you understand the exceptional arrangements in place at our units. 

Children or adults should not participate in early childhood education or pre-primary education if they have even mild symptoms of illness. If your child or you have symptoms indicative of the coronavirus, please contact the City’s coronavirus hotline on 09 816 34600 (Mon–Fri 7am–6pm) or at other times the Medical Helpline on 116117. More information:

It is important that the guardians or other persons allowed to collect the child can be contacted during the day if the child is found to be experiencing symptoms and needs to be collected from the day-care centre or preschool during the day. Any child showing symptoms will wait in an isolated space with an adult at the unit. 

As much as possible, both children and staff will remain in the same group of children, and work in small groups will be favoured. Pedagogical activities are also carried out in outdoor areas and excursions are made in the surrounding environment. Hygiene guidelines are followed closely and hands are washed frequently. 

Guardians should avoid visiting the unit indoors to minimise close contacts. During the autumn, parents’ meetings and discussions may be carried out by means of remote connections. Your own unit will inform you of these separately.

We will do our best to ensure that every child is given a safe and comfortable start to early childhood education or pre-primary education.