Have a safe autumn holiday – let’s take care of each other! 

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2020-10-09 9:00

Next week schoolchildren  in Espoo will  have their au tumn  holiday Some might stay in Espoo and others travel in Finland.  It is  still  important to follow safety recommendations and take care. 

THL’s  guide to r educing the risk of spreading coronavirus with your actions also during your autumn  holiday : 

  • Download the  Koronavilkku  app on your phone. The app will alert you if you have unknowingly been exposed to coronavirus during your trip. 

  • Maintain hand hygiene and coughing etiquette. 

  • Wear a mask in public transport and indoors if you cannot keep a safe distance from others. 

  • If you have symptoms indicating that you may have coronavirus, get yourself tested. 

  • Do not travel if you have any symptoms, even mild ones. 

  • At rest stops and gas stations, take hygiene, safe distances and the use of face masks into account. 

  • Please note that your destination may have imposed restrictions related to coronavirus differing from those in place in your home municipality. 

  • Follow the hygiene and other safety instructions by travel entrepreneurs. 

There are free -of-charg e  holiday activities for children,  youth  and  families in Espoo. Existing guidelines will be taken into account in all events and activities. 

Please  participate  only  if you are in good health. List of activities in English on