Early childhood education fees

The client fees for municipal early childhood education are determined as a percentage of the family’s gross income. The fees vary according to family size, income and care hours from care completely free of charge to a monthly payment of max. €289 per child.  The family submits an income declaration about their gross income to the early childhood education place. The income declaration is not needed if the family agrees to pay the highest fee.

The highest early childhood education fee must also be paid, if the family fails to submit the required income information or the information is insufficient. The amount of the fee is also impacted by the duration of the early childhood education period and absences. The guardians receive a written decision about the early childhood education fees. The fees are invoiced in the middle of the month following the provision of the service. The fees of municipal early childhood education are presented in more detail in the bulletin that can be opened at the bottom of the page.

Fees during summer

No fee is charged for July, if the child’s early childhood education period has begun in September of the previous year at the latest.

If the early childhood education period has begun later, the fee is charged also for July. The fee for the whole month of July is charged if the child has attended early childhood education even for one day. If the child has not attended early childhood education for the whole month, half of the monthly fee is charged.

Fail to cancel an early childhood education place reserved for a holiday

  • If the parents/guardians reserve an early education place for the child for the duration of their holiday and fail to cancel it in advance by the required deadline, half of the monthly early childhood education fee, as defined according to the Client Fee Act (734/1992), is charged for the uncancelled early childhood education place. This is also done in situations where the monthly fee for the early childhood education place is charged for 11 months.
  • As regards families who are not assigned a monthly fee at all based on their income, half of the smallest payable fee will be charged.

Client fees in outsourced and private day care

In the outsourced services, the client fees are the same as in municipal early childhood education.
In private early childhood education, which is not an outsourced service, the fees are decided by the early childhood education provider.

Club fees

The club fee varies according to the weekly club days and daily operating hours of the club.