Support for development, growth and learning

The goal of early childhood education is to promote the child’s balanced growth, development and learning. It is vital for the child’s development and learning that his/her need for support is identified as early as possible and immediate action is taken. If the child’s need for support is known when applying for early childhood education, it is recommended to mention it in the early childhood education application.

Sufficiently early and correctly targeted support can promote the child’s development, learning and well-being. The goal is to prevent the formation, escalation and diversification of the difficulties. The child’s need for support is assessed jointly by the parents, early childhood education staff and other experts, as necessary.

The development and learning support in early childhood education is primarily implemented at a day-care centre or family day care located near the child’s home. The support measures are implemented in the child’s everyday life as part of the other activities of early childhood education. The early childhood education staff support the child’s development and learning according to plan using different methods and means. The learning environment is adapted to support the child’s personal needs and strengths.

The special needs education teacher of early childhood education guides the staff and parents in matters relating to the child’s need for support. He/she participates in the assessment of the child’s need for support as well as in planning, implementing and monitoring the support measures in cooperation with the education staff and parents.

Support can also be provided in a pedagogically strengthened group or in a group where a special needs education teacher of early childhood education works. In such groups, a part of the care places is reserved for children needing support.  Cooperation with therapy staff and other experts is used, as necessary.