What should I do if I am not satisfied with early childhood education?

Every child has the right to safe and high-quality early childhood education. However, guardians sometimes have questions about it or are not satisfied with it. In such situations, we recommend that you start by contacting the employees of your child’s early childhood education unit, or even its manager.

If talking with the personnel of the early childhood education unit does not help you solve the situation, you as a guardian may submit an objection (Act on Early Childhood Education and Care, section 54) to the manager or another person in charge at the early childhood education unit or to the local government official in charge of early childhood education.

How to submit an objection on municipal or outsourced early childhood education

1. Fill in the objection form available on the page Lomakkeet (only in Finnish). Alternatively, you can write a free-form letter of objection.

2. We recommend that you describe the matter(s) with which you are not satisfied as closely as you can. The time to submit an objection is not limited but we recommend that you submit it as soon as possible to make it easier for us to investigate the matter.

3. Address the objection to the City of Espoo.

4. Send the filled-in form by email to kirjaamo@espoo.fi or by post to: City of Espoo Registry Office, P.O. Box 1, 02070 City of Espoo. If your objection contains confidential information (for example about your child’s health or the support measures they are receiving), we recommend that you do not use email.

5. The City of Espoo aims to process your objection within a month. The processing may take longer if you submit it during a customary holiday season. If we need a longer time to investigate the matter, we will inform you of the expected time.

After looking into your objection, we will send you a response that includes the grounds for our opinion and describes the way we investigated the matter and the potential follow-up action we have taken. You cannot appeal against the response given to your objection.

If your objection concerns a private early childhood education provider, please primarily submit it to the person in charge of the early childhood education provider in question.