Support for families with multiples

Families are entitled to multiple child support when multiple children, i.e. twins, triplets, etc. are born or adopted to the family simultaneously. In this case, Kela pays parental allowance for 60 weekdays more starting with the second child.

If the families use these days so that they form a continuation to the normal parental allowance period (158 weekdays), the entitlement of children of families with multiples to early childhood education or the family’s right to apply for child home care allowance will be postponed with a corresponding period. For this period, families with multiples have the possibility of applying for the Espoo supplement as a so-called multiple child support.

The multiple child support is €190 per month. From 1.3.2021 the amount is €160 per month. It is paid for no more than 60 weekdays when used as a continuation to the normal parental allowance period of 158 weekdays starting with a second child born or adopted at the same time.

The multiple child support is only paid if all of the family’s children under school age are cared for at home and the applicant is one of the parents. The multiple child support is not paid if an older sibling is in municipal or outsourced early childhood education or if an older child receives private day-care allowance.

The multiple child support is applied for with a separate form. A copy of Kela’s parental allowance decision and the tax card for social benefits must be appended to the form. The support will be paid retrospectively once the additional days have been used.