Child home care allowance

Child home care allowance is applied for from Kela.

Parents can care for their child at home with the help of the child home care allowance, if the youngest child of the family is younger than 3 years of age. The entitlement to child home care allowance begins once the parental allowance period has ended.

Adoptive parents can receive child home care allowance also for a child over the age of 3, until two years have passed since the start of the parental allowance period of an adoptive parent, including the first payment date.

What is included in child home care allowance?

The child home care allowance includes the statutory care allowance, the Espoo supplement (municipal supplement) and a possible care supplement, which is bound to income. The amount of the Espoo supplement is €200 per month for the family’s youngest child under 3. Kela pays the child home care allowance (including the Espoo supplement) in its entirety to the family. The child home care allowance and its supplements are taxable support for the family.

When Kela pays the Espoo supplement of the child home care allowance?

The Espoo supplement does not need to be applied for separately. When the family applies for the statutory child home care allowance, the decision on the Espoo supplement is made at Kela based on the same application, if the family is entitled to the Espoo supplement. The family is only entitled to the Espoo supplement, if the family’s all children under school age are cared for at home and the applicant for the Espoo supplement is one of the parents.  However, the Espoo supplement is also paid, if an older sibling attends pre-primary education (4 h/day), which is free of charge.

Discretionary Espoo supplement

The discretionary Espoo supplement can only be received in a situation where a sibling of the child entitled to the child home care allowance has a need for intensified and special support as well as day care according to an expert statement. The discretionary Espoo supplement is applied for from the Finnish Early Education of the City of Espoo. The decision on the discretionary Espoo supplement is made to a fixed term and sent to the family. Harkinnanvarainen Espoo-lisä, hakemus (pdf, 24 Kt) (in Finnish)

Amount of child home care allowance in Espoo

As of 1 January 2017:

For one child under 3 years:
Statutory care allowance €338.34/month
Espoo supplement €200.00/month
Possible income-bound care supplement €181.07/month

For other siblings under 3 years of age, each:
Statutory care allowance €101.29/month

For siblings over 3 years of age but under school age, each:
Statutory care allowance €65.09/month

Child home care allowance and private day care allowance can be paid to the family simultaneously so that the parents are free to choose the care form of each child individually (child home care allowance, private or municipal day care).

Flexible care allowance

Flexible care allowance can be received by a parent or some other carer of a child who is under 3 years of age, who works on a weekly basis on average no more than 30 hours per week or no more than 80% of the normal working hours of a full-time job. The parent or some other carer must be employed or in service, an entrepreneur covered by the YEL or MYEL insurance or an agricultural entrepreneur or a grant recipient with the MYEL insurance.

The child, for whom the flexible care allowance is paid for, can attend day care.

As of 1 March 2016:

Working hours up to 22.5 h/week:
Statutory care allowance €243.28/month

Working hours over 22.5 h/week but up to 30 h/week:
Statutory care allowance €162.19/month

For more information, contact:
Early Childhood Education Expert Anita Vataja, 09 81 621 (exchange)
Day-Care Centre Director Pia Torvikoski, 09 81 621 (exchange)