Child home care

Parents can care for their child at home with the help of the child home care allowance, if the youngest child of the family is younger than 3 years of age. The entitlement to child home care allowance begins once the parental allowance period has ended. The child home care allowance includes the statutory care allowance, the Espoo supplement and a possible care supplement, which is bound to income. The Espoo supplement is €200 per month when the child is under 2 years old. The Espoo supplement for 2 years old child is €180 per month. The Espoo supplement of the child home care allowance is only paid, if the family’s all children under school age are cared for at home. The Espoo supplement is not paid, if an older sibling is in municipal or outsourced early childhood education or if an older child receives private day care allowance.

Families are entitled to multiple child support when twins or triplets are born or adopted to the family.

Hired carer at home

When hiring a home carer for their children, the parents can receive Private day care allowance. In this case, the family is the employer and makes an employment agreement with the selected carer. Families can hire a carer also together. The private day-care allowance includes the care allowance, income-bound care supplement and the Espoo supplement, which is paid in connection with the private day-care allowance.

  • When the family wants to have a carer at home, the family looks for and chooses the carer.
  • The family notifies the selected carer to the early childhood education unit manager of the area (contact information provided below).
  • The carer must be aged between 18 and 68. The carer cannot be anyone living in the same household or an au pair.
  • The place of residence of the carer must be such that he/she can actually serve as a carer for the family.
  • The family and carer conclude an employment agreement, which must indicate: the employer and employee, duration of the agreement, daily working hours, amount and payment date of salary, children to be cared for, work tasks and period of notice. TE Services
  • The early childhood education unit manager director meets with the family/families and the carer as well as approves the person as an employed carer. It is the early childhood education unit manager task to assess in the meeting the suitability of the future employee for child care work and to monitor that the employment agreement has been concluded. A copy of the employment agreement is appended to the approval form.
  • The necessary forms to be submitted by the family to Kela for receiving private day care allowance:
    • The family fills in the private day care allowance application (Kela’s form WH1)   
    • The carer fills in a report of the day-care provider (Kela’s form WH2)
    • The early childhood education unit manager fills in the notification regarding the approval of the private day-care service provider
  • Kela makes the decisions and sends them for information to the family and carer.
  • The family is in charge of providing orientation for the carer and supervising the carer. 
  • As an employer, the family is entitled to requesting an extract from the criminal record of the carer. The employee can order it from the Legal Register Centre: 
  • The family must take care of the small employer costs, additional information or Instructions concerning employer costs are also available from the following addresses: (in Finnish) or (in Finnish).