The Swedish Education and Culture Unit

The Swedish Education and Culture Unit provides Swedish-language educational and cultural services for residents. The two main official languages of Finland are Finnish and Swedish and around 7% (20 000) of Espoo residents are Swedish-speaking. Guardians can choose Finnish- or Swedish-language education for the child regardless of the child’s mother tongue. Please note that in Swedish-language early childhood education units and schools the curriculum is taught entirely in Swedish. 

In Espoo there are around 30 municipal Swedish-language early childhood education units, 11 pre-primary education places, 11 comprehensive schools and 1 upper secondary school, Mattlidens gymnasium. Mattlidens gymnasium offers an English-language International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in addition to the Swedish-language general programme. The Sökö ungdomslokal youth centre is Swedish-speaking and cultural events are organized in Vindängen in Tapiola. Esbo Arbis, the Swedish adult education centre, offers courses in various subjects for learners of all ages in different parts of Espoo. 

Finnish-language education services are provided by the Finnish Education Unit. Finnish-language day care services are provided by the Finnish Early Childhood Education Unit.  

Kindly note that application processes and contact information are likely to differ between the units. Although our information is mostly only in Swedish you are very welcome to contact us in English. 

The Swedish Education and Culture Unit is led by Director Barbro Högström. 

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The early childhood education units’ and schools' contact information is found on the website of each unit/school.