Special education classes

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Regional special education classes  

Regional special education classes are meant for pupils who have wide-scale learning difficulties. The classes are situated in comprehensive schools in each of the city's seven regions. Each class has maximum 10 pupils. Instruction primarily follows the general syllabus.

City-level special education classes 

City-level special education classes are meant for pupils whose teaching arrangements requires expertise in certain fields. Pupil catchment covers all city regions.  The aim is to arrange special education classes as close to the pupil's homes as possible, and/or within a reasonable commute so that the pupil's day with possible morning and afternoon care forms a purposeful, supportive whole.

City-level education includes:
• Wide-ranging learning disabilities 
• Difficulties in adjustment and in the emotional sphere
• Autism spectrum education  
• Teaching of mildly disabled pupils  
• Teaching of deeply disabled pupils 
• Teaching of pupils with wide-ranging linguistic special needs and hearing impairment