Aid equipment, interpretation and assistant services

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Interpretation and assistant services

Pupils are entitled to free-of-charge interpretation and assistant services required to participating in education, as well as other education services in all forms of support.

Under the principal's leadership, the school's communal pupil welfare group is responsible for allocating to different teaching groups the assistant services given to the school. 

Assistant services
Elina Grönroos
tel. +358 9 816 52053   

Aid equipment

The need for aid equipment can relate to the pupil's special needs concerning learning, seeing, hearing, moving or other physical need. Those working with the pupil plan together how the aid equipment are used in instruction.  

If needed, other experts, eg. speech therapists, functional or physiotherapists, participate in assessing the pupil's need for aid equipment. The need for aid equipment of pupils receiving general and intensified support is assessed in a pedagogical assessment (arvionti). As for those receiving special support, the need is assessed in a pedagogical investigation (selvitys). The use of aid equipment which the pupil has received is described in the pupil's learning plan or individual educational plan (IEP) depending on the level of support. 

The application for aid equipment, which the guardians and school fill in together, can be printed from the website  forms and applications . Either the pedagogical assessment or investigation and the speech therapists, functional or physiotherapists statement must be attached to the application. The application shall be submitted to the Finnish Education Unit's Student Support Services. 

Aid equipment
Mona Feodoroff
tel. +358 9 816 52019