School meals, transportation and insurances

School meals

Pupils are entitled to free-of-charge school meals.

Catering services and menus in schools (in Finnish)

If a pupil has a special diet, the guardian shall fill in the form Notification of a special diet and submit it to the pupil’s local school’s kitchen in the beginning of the school year, or rather before school begins. The form can be filled in and printed at or requested from the school office. Guardians shall attach a medical statement (by a doctor/physician) to the application if the diet has a health-basis. A medical statement is not required with low-lactose or lactose-free diets, vegetarian diet or diet based on religious reasons. Detailed instructions are found in the information section attached to the form.

School transportation benefit

Pupils may be granted a free public transportation travel card if they live a long way from school. Pupils with a shorter school commute may also be granted a travel card or transportation by taxi if the route to school is too difficult, tiring or dangerous in view of their age and other circumstances.

Further information about travel to school and application forms (Finnish-speaking schools)

Further information about applications for school transportation benefit for pupils in Swedish-speaking schools (in Swedish)  

Safe school journeys (pdf, 81 Kt)

Tips for guardians


The city of Espoo has insured pupils in basic education and students in general upper secondary schools for accidents occurring in school and during the school commute. The insurance covers also school trips and school camps written in the school year plan.

The insurance covers costs for travel, examination and treatment caused by a school accident in public sector units and facilities (local health center, regional hospital, central hospital) providing health care services. If the pupil/student uses private sector services, the reimbursement is paid only according to the public sector fees.

In case of a school accident, the pupil/guardian will receive a certificate from the school about the validity of the insurance. The certificate enables direct invoicing of the expenses caused by the treatment to the insurance company. Alternatively the guardian can apply for a reimbursement from the insurance company oneself, based on the original invoices or payment receipts.

The city does not cover costs caused by the pupil becoming ill in the middle of the school day. In case of an accident or sudden illness the guardian is responsible for taking the child who is ill to treatment and/or home as well as for the travel costs caused by the incident.   

Instructions for how to act when a pupil becomes ill in the middle of a school day (in Finnish)

Forms and applications of basic education