Own mother tongue instruction

Multilingual pupils whose parents or one parent speaks other than Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue can study their own mother tongue two hours weekly.  The instruction is for pupils in basic education (grades 1-9) and takes place in the afternoon after the lesson hours. The instruction given is free of charge. Guardians are responsible for the possible transportation and travel costs.    

Enrollment to own mother tongue lessons is every year from January to April thru Wilma.

There are own mother tongue groups for example in the following languages: Albanian,  Arabic, Bengali, Bosnia/Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Farsi/Dari, Filipino, Hindi, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Greek, Kurdish, Kurmandji, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Mandarin Chinese, Nepalese, Norwegian, Pashto, Portuguese, Polish, French, Romanian, German, Somali, Swahili, Danish, Tamil, Thai, Tigrinja, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Urdu, Russian, Vietnamese and Estonian.     

For more information, contact
Education planner
tel. +358 43 825 2124

Enrollment to mother tongue lessons (docx, 32 Kt)(docx, 29 Kt)