Finnish language instruction

Pupils who don't speak Finnish begin their school-going in preparatory education. Preparatory education groups are found in many schools. If the pupil speaks some Finnish and needs support in strengthening one's Finnish language skills, the pupil will receive preparatory education in one's own class in the local school.   

The language of preparatory education is Finnish. In addition to the Finnish language, the pupils study other subjects of comprehensive education according to their own syllabus.

Preparatory education lasts one school year. After preparatory education, the pupil moves on to comprehensive education in which he/she will receive intensified support for studying when necessary.

A multilingual pupil can study Finnish as a second language through the entire comprehensive education in the Mother tongue and literature subject.

Enrolment in preparatory education takes place by contacting the Multicultural Education Services of the Espoo Finnish Education Unit. 

Coordinator Fatima Habeb
tel. +358 43 8268681