Language studies

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First foreign language

All pupils in comprehensive school study at least one foreign language in addition to the second national language, Swedish. Foreign language studies begin primarily in the 3rd grade. Swedish language studies begin latest by the 6th grade.

The first foreign language, A1 language, is mainly English in Espoo. Depending on the school, the first foreign language can be also German, Swedish, French or Chinese. 

Elective language studies

The pupil may begin studying an elective language as an A2 language in the 4th grade and/or as a B2 language in the 8th grade. In Espoo, voluntary languages beginning in the 4th grade – depending on the school and the number of pupils who choose to begin with the studies – are English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Chinese and Russian.

Second national language – Swedish

The pupil can begin studying Swedish as an A1 or A2 language, but no later than in the 6th grade as a B1 language.

The language programme of Espoo basic education (in Finnish)