Cooperation between home and school

Cooperation between home and school supports the education and upbringing of the pupils and builds mutual trust. The collaboration is appreciative, diverse and active educational partnership. It adds also safety and well-being and prevents bullying. The school takes initiative in building collaboration and develops its prerequisites. It is a shared responsibility to collaborate.

Schools have different ways of working and tools for carrying out collaboration.


The electronic Wilma-system is a central communication tool between home and school in all schools in Espoo. With the help of Wilma, guardians can:

  • follow the pupil's learning and learning records
  • monitor and clarify information on the pupil's absences
  • send messages to teachers
  • read messages sent by teachers
  • follow the bulletins sent by the school
  • answer to feedback surveys.

Parent/guardian meetings and evenings

Schools invite guardians to meetings, in which it is possible to acquaint oneself with teachers and get information about one's child's learning and school-work. During the first school year, guardians are entitled to minimum two meetings with their child's teacher. In the following school years, they are entitled to minimum one meeting with their child's teacher. In addition, schools arrange class-specific parent/guardian evenings as well as evenings for all parents/guardians on timely themes. Guardians are informed about language options, applying for middle school and opportunities and admissions for further studies.

Pupils from different language and cultural groups

In home-school collaboration, guardians of pupils with immigrant backgroud are familiarised with the Finnish school-system and its practices, which gives equal grounds for home-school collaboration and for educational partnership. When needed, an interpreteur accompanies in the meetings.

Parent associations and classroom committees

Activities of parent associations and classroom committees promotes collaboration between guardians and gives opportunities to learn to know one another. As result of the collaboration, theme days, events, shows and work parties have been arranged in many schools. Guardians are encouraged to participate in and develop the school's operating culture.

In addition, a city-level parent association operates in Espoo: KoKoEspoo ry is a collaboartion forum for homes and schools. The association operates as a medium of influence and information for parent associations and parents.