Applying for and granting permission to be absent

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The pupil shall attend basic education unless he or she has been temporarily exempted for a special reason. If the pupil needs to be absent on a school day for a special reason, the parent/guardian shall apply for permission for the absence by filling in a form in Wilma or by submitting a printed application form to the school’s head teacher or principal.

Decisions on granting permission to be absent for up to five days are made by the class teacher/class tutor. Decisions on granting permission to be absent for more than five days are made by the head teacher.

The school is responsible for seeing to it that the pupil does not fall behind the progress of his/her year group and teaching group during the permitted absence. In cooperation with the home, a personal plan shall be prepared for implementing the pupil’s instruction and monitoring his/her learning. The assessment shall be based on comprehensive demonstrations.

The pupil shall be entitled to remedial education if he/she falls behind in studies or needs short-term support with learning.

Granting permission shall always be considered on a case-by-case basis, and permission shall only be granted for a special reason and temporarily.