Applying to afternoon activities

Applying to afternoon activities takes place between January 8th 2021 – May 10th 2021 . Pupils in grades 1 and 2 and those in other grades who have a decision on special support, can apply to afternoon activities. Applying takes place electronically in Wilma. The application form is found in Wilma under the tab Hakemukset ja päätökset (eng. Applications and decisions). 

If it is not possible to apply electronically, a paper application form shall be used. The form can be printed from the appendices below, requested from the school or ordered from the address  

Afternoon activities are arranged in the pupil’s local school. Guardians of pupils in special needs education can choose in the application whether they want to apply to afternoon activities in the school where the pupil’s education is arranged or in a school near home. If the child’s school changes after the application period has ended or after receiving the decision, the guardians shall cancel/terminate the unnecessary place and apply for a new one. The new application can be submitted after the pupil has received a decision concerning his/her study place.

The decision on an after-school activity place will be communicated either electronically through Wilma or sent to your home by post at week 20, depending on the option selected by the parent/guardian in the application. Not all applicants will necessarily receive a place at after-school activities.

The parent/guardian must cancel his/her child's after-school activity place by the end of June, if the child is not going to attend. For cancellations made after this date, term of notice shall be observed. Client fees will be charged during the term of notice.Cancellations can be submitted in Wilma under the tab Hakemukset ja päätökset (eng. Applications and decisions) or to the address

Admission principles

Afternoon activities in basic education are arranged for pupils in grades 1 and 2 and for those with a special needs education decision.

Admission afternoon activities is decided on in the primacy order decided by the Education and Early Education Committee on December 13th 2017:

a) pupils in the first grade who have a special needs education decision

b) other pupils in the first grade

c) pupils in the second grade
who have a special needs education decision

d) pupils in the third grade or older than that who have a special needs education decision

e) other pupils in the second grade

If there comes a situation in the admission process that all pupils belonging to the same group (groups a-e) cannot be admitted, the admittance is carried out by drawing lots.