Moving to Espoo from abroad

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Pupils moving to Espoo from abroad who cannot speak Finnish or need support in strengthening their Finnish-language skills, begin school-going in preparatory education. There are preparatory classes in several schools. The guardians shall contact the Finnish Education Unit and book a meeting in order to enroll in preparatory education.

Contacts by phone:
Finnish Ecucation Unit
Assistant Fatima Habeb
tel. +358 46 877 3293


Finnish Education Unit
Coordinator Sheena Kopsala
tel. +358 43 826 8681

Returning to Finland

When a pupil returns to Finland from abroad, the school principal or head teacher and the teachers agree with the guardians on what grade-level the pupil will begin school-going. If needed, the school will assess the pupil's skills. A pupil returning to Finland will receive support in studying in the Finnish language, if needed.