When a pupil moves

Pupils moving to Espoo or to another pupil catchment region inside Espoo are allocated a local school when the move has taken place. School place is allocated from the pupil catchment region determined by the pupil's new home address. When a pupil moves to another municipality, the new home municipality will answer for his/her education.

Guardians of pupils moving abroad shall take care that the pupil receives education corresponding to one's grade-level while abroad. Pupils moving to Espoo from abroad, who don't speak Finnish or need support in strengthening their Finnish-language skills, shall book a meeting from the Finnish Education Unit in order to enroll in basic education. Their school-going often begins in preparatory education. When a pupil returns to Espoo from abroad, the school principal or head teacher and the teachers shall agree with the guardians on what grade-level the pupil will begin school-going.

More specific instructions in different moving situations are found in the Read more section.