Enrolling in a local school

Every pupil in basic education has the right to attend a local school allocated by the municipality. A local school is one of the schools in the pupil catchment area determined by the pupil's home address. The pupil catchment areas are: Espoonlahti, Eastern Leppävaara, Western Leppävaara, Central Espoo, Northern Espoo, Matinkylä-Olari and Tapiola.

The geographically closest school cannot always be allocated as a pupil's local school. Moreover, pupils from the same address cannot always go to the same school as in the previous years because the number of groups established in schools and the size of the age-group vary each year. The Education and Early Education Committee decides on establishing the groups and on the maximum number of pupils in them. Factors affecting these decisions are ie. school facilities, the number of pupils and their domicile. Decisions on allocating a place in a local school are made by the school principal or head teacher according to the Committee's admission principles.

A local school is allocated in the following order considering all pupils living in the pupil catchment area:

  1. Pupils who have a health basis or other special basis.
  2. Pupil's elder sister or brother attends a local school during the time of decision-making.
  3. School commutes.
  4. Preferred local school.

When allocating a local school to pupils transferring to 7th grade, the continuation of the A-languages they have started will be considered.

Application forms:
> Application for 1st grade of comprehensive school (docx, 66 Kt)
> Application for 1st grade of comprehensive school (pdf, 24 Kt)
> Application for 7th grade of comprehensive school APPLICATION PERIOD HAS ENDED Jan 16th 2019!
> A2-kielestä luopuminen (docx, 50 Kt)
> A2-kielestä luopuminen (pdf, 15 Kt)
> Applying to a local school (docx, 56 Kt)
> Applying to a local school (pdf, 19 Kt)

Brochures (available only in Finnish):
> Tervetuloa ekaluokalle
> Yläkoululaisen opas

The principles of pupil admission:

> Principles of pupil admission to basic education (docx, 29 Kt)
> Allocating a place in a local school in the 3rd grade to pupils in the 2nd grade of mainstream education in Hösmärinpuisto school (pdf, 10 Kt)