Early or postponed school start

Starting school at age 6

It is possible to begin basic education one year before the compulsory school-age if the child has prerequisites to handle studying, based on psychological, and if needed, medical reports. In this case, the child begins school in the year he/she turns six. Investigations required for beginning school are carried out privately, and the guardians are responsible for any costs the investigations may cause.

Starting school at age 8

It is possible to begin basic education also one year later than enacted, if there is need for a postponed school start based on psychological or medical investigations. Beginning one's basic education one year later than enacted is justifiable when the child needs one extra year to learn the skills of a school newcomer. The necessary investigations are conducted at the City of Espoo's Habilitation Services for Children or in special health care.

Instructions and application times

Instructions and application times for applying for a permission for early or postponed school start, enrolling in basic education, applying to different forms of education and for extended compulsory education are found in the Read more section.