URHEA sports and acitivity

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Leppävaara school offers weighted-curriculum education in Sports and physical activity (URHEA).

Applying to the 7th grade (school year 2019-2020) APPLICATION PERIOD HAS ENDED!

Applying to the seventh grade of weighted-curriculum education takes place through the electronic Wilma service between January 8th–16th 2019. If the guardian cannot enroll their child to the seventh grade through Wilma, the guardian shall fill in the paper form Application for 7th grade of comprehensive school and submit it to their child's current school in Espoo by January 16th 2019 at the latest. 

The applicant shall participate in the following entrance examinations:

  • The basic section of the entrance examination, 23 January 2019. Information on the entrance examination places, see Leppävaara school
  • The sport section of the entrance examination, 25 January 2019. Information on the entrance examination places, see URHEA

Principles of pupil admission (decided by the Olympic Committee):
> Soveltuvuuskoe

Application form:
> Application for 7th grade of comprehensive school

Additional information:
> Leppävaara School
> Urhea