Weighted-curriculum education

Espoo offers versatile options for weighted-curriculum education: in mathematics and natural sciences, music, dance, sports, information technology, visual arts and in performing arts. In addition, Montessori education is offered.

Pupils in weighted-curriculum education may have more demanding goals for subject-content and skills. Assessment follows the national core curriculum. Pupils in weighted-curriculum education study the weighted subject more than those in mainstream education. At the same time, their possibilities to choose other free-choice subjects diminishes. The weighted subject is seen in the activities of the entire school.

Pupil selection follows the admission principles for weighted-curriculum education and for Montessori education decided by the Education and Early Education Committee.

Instructions and application periods for weighted-curriculum education in the 3rd and 7th grades, to Montessori education in the 1st grade and to the URHEA sports and acitivity in the 7th grade in Leppävaara school are found in the Read more section.

Please note! Pupils selected to Montessori education or weighted-curriculum education are not entitled to school transport subsidy and when enrolling in a local school, the pupil's younger sister or brother does not have a sibling basis to be selected in the same school.