Applying to other than the local school

Pupils in basic education have the right to attend a local school allocated by the municipality. A pupil can also apply to other than the local school.

A school newcomer can apply to English-language education, bilingual education (Finnish-English), Swedish-language immersion education Montessori education or to another local school (secondary school) beginning from the 1st grade. It is possible to apply to weighted-curriculum education beginning from the 3rd and 7th grades.

Instructions and application times for foreign-language education, weighted-curriculum education and to a secondary school are found in the following websites:

Foreign-language education
Weighted-curriculum education
Secondary school

School transport subsidy and sibling basis

Pupils selected to English-language education, bilingual education (Finnish-English), Swedish-language immersion education, Montessori education, weighted-curriculum education or to a secondary school are not entitled to school transport subsidy and when enrolling in a local school, the pupil's younger sister or brother does not have a sibling basis to be selected in the same school.

If a pupil later on gives up his/her study place in a secondary school (other than the local school), he/she will be allocated a local school by the municipality by the request of the guardians.