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Internationality refers to the local school environment and to international activities directed abroad. The local school is culturally diverse – there are over 4000 pupils with a foreign language background and foreign language instruction is given in over 40 languages. Pupils and teachers can participate in developing international activities around different school subjects and themes. Many schools also have twin and friendship schools in different parts of the world. International study trips of both pupils and the teaching staff support the goals of the school curriculum.

International activities directed abroad include Espoo's twin-city collaboration with Shanghai, Twinning-collaboration with Kosovo and collaboration with the educational authority of the Your Region in Canada, which has lasted already for years. The purpose of the collaboration is to develop leadership in the schools by learning from the best educational practices of each country. The schools may also have their own international projects (eg. Erasmus). 

The city of Espoo hosts an international school-level network IEARN (International Education and Resource Network) in Finland. Close to a hundred countries from different parts of the world have joined the network. Espoo is also a member of a broad educational network IAEC (International Association of Educating Cities).

International visitors

Schools in Espoo receive a number of international visitors yearly. Many schools open their doors and welcome international education professionals. During the visits, it is possible to have conversations about learning and digitalization, curriculum and pedagogical questions or for example wellbeing in the school community. The new opening learning environments invite visitors from all corners of the world.

The schools receiving international visitors, their special interests and language selections are found in the Espoo schools receiving international visitors 2018-2019 brochure (see publications below).

Visiting fees and billing

The school can charge a visiting fee of maximum 400 euros for a half-day visit and maximum 800 euros for a whole-day visit according to the principal's consideration. In case the visiting group dines at the school, 6,10 euros/person can be charged for the meal. In addition, 2,30 euros/person can be charged for the tea/coffee servings. VAT +24% is added to all prices.

Visiting fees are subject to change,


You can acquaint with the international activities of Espoo Finnish education through the following publications: