Publicly creative

In the spring of the festive year Finland100, Espoo Finnish Education has published a work on pedagogical development of basic education carried out in Espoo in the past years. The work is called Julkisesti luova (Publicly creative).

Publicly creative tells the success story of seven top educational projects from Espoo. The quality of Finnish basic education has been acknowledged in many national and international evaluations. Also Espoo-born educational innovations have won several international awards in the past few years.

The seven projects described in Publicly creative have had a wide societal influence in the top themes of the 21st century: digitalisation of learning, promoting multicultural society and increasing linguistic awareness, reducing social discrimination and promoting well-being, in mathematics and natural sciences, arts and free-time interests as well as creating a new operating culture in basic education in line with the new curriculum. The projects are: Agora, Arvokas-pedagogy, Innokas, KULPS!, LUMA, Matikkamaa and NetLibris.

The work inspires the reader to develop good education and the quality of service, to become publicly creative with us.

Publicly creative is produced by Espoo Finnish Education. The foreword is written by the Director of Education Kaisu Toivonen.

Link to the work: Brochures and Publications

Combining learning and digitalisation is one of the top educational themes of the 21st century.
Photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu