Edetään Espoossa

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“Edetään Espoossa” project began in January 2018.  The project lasts until the end of December 2020.  The focus of this project is to grow and spread information to immigrants and the refugee’s educational path and methods of support.  Another focus of this project is to develop an action plan which students and parents/guardians can participate in at the schools.  Further goal of this project is also reading and participation of immigrant parents in ongoing community and school cooperation.

Three cultural supervisors have been hired for the duration of the “Edetään Espoossa” project through the end of July 2020. The languages represented by these culture supervisors are:  Arabic, Persia/Dari ja Kurdish.

Additionally, we have positions available for cultural supervisors in Somali, Russian and Estonian language areas.  These project cultural supervisors are available to assist students in the schools and preschools.

Examples of the actions of “Edetään Espoossa”

*co-teaching in mother tongue (in designated subjects)

*literacy process evaluation materials (grades 3-9)

*study guidance intensification in basic education, placement of students in basic education

*offer support to schools on difficult issues in preliminary education (experienced, all-round special education teacher consultation and support)

*Siikajärvi Refugee reception center early education society

*broadening the growth of parent and peer action groups as the population numbers grow in coming years

*advance youth participation with different community groups

*increase education classes for parents/guardians on the Wilma system

*A guide to education paths after basic education (English (pdf, 1061 Kt), Finnish (pdf, 1335 Kt),Arabic (pdf, 1326 Kt), Farsi-Dari (pdf, 1437 Kt),  Kurdish (pdf, 1411 Kt), Somali (pdf, 1163 Kt))

Cultural supervisors within the “Edetään Espoossa” project

There is much action being done now by the culture supervisors in this project.  This kind of work was already being done in Espoo, but cultural supervisors strive to develop this more fully in the area of early childhood education. Culture supervisors work as an official aid between the family and other city officials and teachers, making communication and education advancement possible. In all of these actions, cultural supervisors help parents/caregivers and students with emotional support, cultural understanding and other customer service needs.

Cultural supervisors can ask important questions to the family and then clarify the information to teachers and act as an interpreter.

Times can be reserved with culture supervisors to help with the following situations:

*if parents do not understand letters or other communications from city officials, cultural supervisors can assist them during meetings

*if someone feels as if their beliefs and cultures are not being respected or if opinions about educational needs differ

*if other items are unclear, then cultural supervisors can translate letters or other communications

*Rule of thumb: if you wish for a direct interpretation of an issue or situation to the other side, you can simply reserve time with a culture supervisor.  If there is a conflict or misunderstanding it will be best to contact a cultural supervisor.

If you would like more information about the” Edetään Espoossa, Espoo” project , please contact Astrid Kauber, astrid.kauber@espoo.fi