Education and Early Education Committee

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The Education and Early Education Committee guides and monitors the operations of Finnish-speaking schools and general upper secondary schools. It ensures the arranging of education services, the implementation of goals and economy as well as promoting the effectiveness of education. The Committee decides on the unit’s operating principles so that they promote the wellbeing of residents, sustainable development and regional effectiveness. It ensures the residents and service users possibilities to participate and influence and follows that the focus of activities is on the residents.

The Committee’s tasks arise from the legislation of education. They relate to basic education, basic art education, morning and afternoon activities of pupils as well as general upper secondary education. In addition, it answers for the tasks issued in the Student Welfare Act and for arranging school psychologist and school social officer services. All tasks of the Committee are found in the Administrative Regulations of the City of Espoo (hallintosääntö). The Committee holds a monthly meeting. Its agendas and minutes are publicly available. The Committees decisions are announuced on the city’s website.