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Finnish Education Unit is divided into three service areas: basic education, general upper secondary education and the planning and administrative services. The unit is lead by the Director of Education Kaisu Toivonen.

Basic education unit answers for the curricula, professional development, pupil assessment, basic education in the city's regions, educational collaboration and development projects, commitment of expenditures (pupils in other institutes) and transferring a pupil to home education.

General upper secondary education unit answers for arranging and developing general upper secondary education, for joint application and student admission.

Planning and administration unit answers for school admissions, weighted-curriculum studies, afternoon activities, special education, special aids, pupil and student welfare, the instruction of language and cultural groups as well as religion and ethics studies.

Contact information for the units and the management of education are found under the headline 'Read more'.

Media contacts

  • Communication manager, tel. +358 50 551 7118

School admission

  • Secretary of pupil affairs Sara Raitala, tel. +358 40 507 0817,,

Education of language and cultural groups

  • Coordinator Ilham Hamdouni, tel. +358 46 877 3293, 

Education for pupils with special needs

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