Espoo will offer snack bags to pupils

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2020-03-24 13:51

The City of Espoo will start offering snack bags to comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students who are currently studying from home and need lunch. Our aim is to start handing out snack bags at the beginning of next week.

Snack bags will be handed out at some of the largest schools. We will publish a list of the locations later this week. We will send guardians and upper secondary school students a Wilma message to find out if they are interested in picking up snack bags. The city’s plan is to hand out snack bags between 12:00 and 14:00.

The city will not offer a hot meal to pupils and students who study from home in order to prevent them from gathering together. Pupils who take part in contact teaching will be served lunch at school as usual.

We will provide more information about snack bags later this week.