Espoo to experiment with a creative learning solution at schools

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2020-03-06 17:21

The City of Espoo will launch a creative programming experiment as part of teaching. The experiment aims to enhance the digital skills of teachers and pupils and the use of digital solutions in teaching, particularly when it comes to the programming-related objectives described in the national core curriculum. Excellent digital skills will be necessary in the future, both in working life and as a means to use services.

Schools will experiment with a set of creative programming learning materials and an online learning service called Mehackit Atelier. It includes a browser-based learning environment, learning materials that support the goals of the national core curriculum and Mehackit Maker Kit toolkits for the schools and groups participating in the experiment.

Several Espoo-based schools offering basic education and general upper secondary education will participate in the experiment in spring 2020. At its shortest, an experiment can be conducted within six hours of study.

Some teachers are already familiar with the solution that will be tested, and the aim is to test how the solution will work as part of teaching. No previous experience of programming or teaching programming is required of the teachers. Although the experiment is centred around electronics and programming, the schools can also use other Mehackit Atelier modules in the fields of art and music.

The City of Espoo will carry out the experiment together with Mehackit Oy. The goal of the experiment is to gather user experience and to explore the functionality and usability of this type of learning solution.  

The experiment will be part of the Digital Agenda of the City of Espoo that aims at the development of the city’s services using digital solutions and new technologies.

Further information:

  • In the role of a senior specialist: Planning Officer Minna Kukkonen, Education and Cultural Services of the City of Espoo, Finnish Education, tel. 043 824 6220,  
  • Development Manager Valia Wistuba, City as a Service Development, City of Espoo, tel. 043 825 2905,