Espoo International School has been getting rid of food waste with the help of the Wall of Fame

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2019-12-22 7:55

Pupils at Espoo International School became enthusiastic about reducing food wastage with a Wall of Fame rally.

A couple of years ago, the Wall of Fame was introduced at Espoo International School in Opinmäki. The Wall of Fame is the wall that every different class can reach if their class does not waste any food during the day's lunch. There has been a lot talking of food waste in the headlines recently, and according to Sami Salminen of Espoo Catering, it is great that in Opinmäki, pupils are keen to compete on which class can produce the least amount of food waste. The Wall of Fame has encouraged pupils to learn the right portion sizes. According to Salminen, it is wonderful how little effort has been needed to start a great chain reaction where both teachers and canteen staff and other pupils support and cheer on their friends in choosing the right portion of food. With the Wall of Fame, bio-waste containers have been moved to a more central location in the canteen, which Salminen says has contributed to reducing of food waste.

Salminen also praises how well the canteen and school staff have communicated to reduce food waste. For example, joint meetings have been organized. With the Wall of Fame, staff at the canteen will be more alert to what foods end up in bio-waste. Today, bio-waste mainly consists of potatoes that have fallen to the floor or have become cold. Because of Wall of Fame the canteen staff also know how to produce a more suitable amount of food than before.

Wall of Fame.

Sustainable development is an important part of the everyday life of schools and the entire city. Espoo is one of the 25 pioneer cities aiming to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals as early as by 2025.