Use of school premises by Espoo residents

BULLETIN, 12 August 2020:

Use of school premises by Espoo residents as of 17 August 2020:

The premises of Education and Cultural Services can still be used by Espoo residents. However, it is important that you follow the general instructions on safe distances, hand hygiene and potential restrictions on gatherings. If you have booked a space, please be prepared to have your event cancelled at short notice if the coronavirus situation changes and requires us to suspend the use of premises.

The person who books a space must ensure that the number of participants is not too high, so as not to compromise safe distances. As a general rule, you should only use half of the maximum capacity of the space. Event organisers must provide hand sanitiser for the participants or ask them to wash their hands when they arrive. In addition, they must clean the space extremely well after the event and leave it as they found it. The person who makes a reservation agrees to follow the terms and conditions of the use of premises, and the event must always be attended by a responsible person who is familiar with said terms and conditions.

The reservation calendar is open for new applications for reservations:

Further information:

All early childhood education premises:

School premises (other than sports facilities):

Sports facilities in schools:


Basic rules:

Classrooms, auditoriums, dining halls and entrance halls at Espoo-based schools are available for Espoo residents to rent outside school hours, basic education afternoon activities and other operations of the City of Espoo itself. This website contains instructions on the use of these premises.

The sports facilities of Espoo-based schools are also available for use but a separate set of instructions applies to them.

Both recurring and one-off (max. 3 times) time slots are available for reservation. Recurring time slots for an entire season need to be applied for in the preceding spring. The application period for one-off and complementary recurring time slots is always open.

Some premises are supervised, while in other premises the users commit to self-supervision and take care of certain supervision and cleaning tasks independently. To apply for the use of supervised premises, always use the resource booking system of the City of Espoo. To apply for self-supervised use, please submit an application directly to the school. The applicant must also sign a commitment to perform self-supervision.

Instructions for the users of school premises:

A document called General Principles of the Use of Education and Cultural Services’ Premises by Espoo Residents describes the grounds on which time slots in the premises are granted and the way fees are determined, among other things. 

General Principles of the Use of Education and Cultural Services’ Premises by Espoo Residents  (in force from 1 August 2019 onwards)

The terms and conditions of using the premises describe the users’ responsibilities and contain hands-on instructions for the use of supervised school premises. By applying for the use of supervised premises through the resource booking system, the user of the premises agrees to the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of using premises  (in force from 1 August 2019 onwards)

The commitment to self-supervision is a document that defines the user’s additional responsibilities, for example cleaning and supervision. The document also contains hands-on instructions for the self-supervised use of school premises. By signing the document, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of self-supervised use of school premises. 

User’s commitment to self-supervision (in force from 1 August 2019 onwards)

For further information on applying for the use of school premises, fees and temporary accommodation, please follow the links in the navigation bar on the left.