Use of school premises by Espoo residents


Use of school premises by Espoo residents as of October 2020: 

Espoo’s school premises can still be used by Espoo residents. However, it is important that you follow the general instructions on safe distances, hand hygiene and possible restrictions on gatherings. If you have booked a space, please be prepared to have your event cancelled at short notice if the coronavirus situation changes and requires us to suspend the use of premises. 

The person who books a space must ensure that the number of participants is not too high, so as not to compromise safe distances. As a general rule, you should only use half of the maximum capacity of the space. Event organisers must provide hand sanitiser for the participants or ask them to wash their hands when they arrive. In addition, they must clean the space extremely well after the event and leave it as they found it. The person who makes a booking agrees to follow the terms and conditions of the use of premises, and the event must always be attended by a responsible person who is familiar with said terms and conditions. 

More information about the coronavirus situation: 

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Time slots in school premises are applied for through the resource booking system: 

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Use of classrooms, auditoriums, dining halls and entrance halls at schools 

These premises are available for Espoo residents to use outside school hours, basic education afternoon activities and other activities of the City of Espoo. 

The use of premises by Espoo residents can be either supervised or self-supervised. During supervised use, a supervisor or a caretaker must be present. During self-supervised use, the user is able to access the school premises with their own keys and is responsible for certain duties related to supervision and cleaning. 

THE TERMS OF USE OF SUPERVISED PREMISES describe the user’s responsibilities and include concrete instructions for the use of supervised school premises. When applying for a supervised time slot through the resource booking system, the user of the premises agrees to follow the terms and conditions. 

THE TERMS OF USE OF SELF-SUPERVISED PREMISES are included in the self-supervision commitment, and they define the user’s additional responsibilities, for example in terms of cleaning and supervision. The document also contains concrete instructions for the self-supervised use of school premises. By signing the document, the user agrees to follow the terms and conditions of self-supervised use of school premises. 

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School premises (other than sports facilities): 

Sports facilities in schools: 

Early childhood education premises: