Nöykkiönlaakson koulu

Our school has about 420 pupils and some 25 teachers in Nöykkiö, Espoonlahti area. In our school there are classes from  pre-school, arranged by Nöykkiön päiväkoti, to sixth grade. As an A2 language, in our school pupils can choose German.

The basic starting point for our school is to build strong basic knowledge and skills in a safe and comfortable growth and learning environment and to strengthen and support the positive self-image of the pupil. These are the starting points for the student's lifelong learning.

Accessibility has been taken into account in our school so that when one enters the main door (A) there is a wheelchair lift and near the L-door there is an elevator which goes between the first and the second floor.

Nöykkiö kindergarten is responsible for pre-school education and related day care.