Mankkaanpuron koulu

63-year-old Mankkaanpuron koulu provides a pleasant, modern and safe learning environment.  Since January 2009 we have had a new additional building and the old main building was completely renovated.

The safe learning environment of our school enables joy of learning. Diverse and pupil-centered methods support eagerness to learn and building a positive self-image. A pupil plays an active role as a learner and as a member of the school community.

In 2016-2017 there are 20 basic education classes, over 440 pupils, 27 teachers and 6 teaching assistants in Mankkaanpuro School. In addition we have preschool classes and preparatory instruction classes. We offer two foreign languages to our pupils: English and German.

ICT is used systematically in teaching and learning in our school. We also have a school library which gives good opportunities for teaching literature and research skills. For several years our school has taken part in Netlibris, a literature circle on the Internet. Our school sponsors a child in Nepal through Plan. 

We work closely together with the parents’ association of our school. Cooperation between parents and teachers is important for us and we actively use various ways of communication, e.g. Wilma.

What is important to us in Mankkaanpuro?

Mankkaanpuron koulu is a safe, joyful and inspiring growing and learning environment.

We in Mankkaanpuron koulu learn knowledge, skills and skills learning to learn. In Mankkaanpuro school children participate actively in learning, and organizing and developing school work. Using ICT and information literacy skills is a part of the learning process.

Co-operation is a foundation of our work. Co-operation, interaction and emotional skills and performing are being practiced.

Mankkaanpuro is an international school community.

In our school we guide to make responsible and environmentally wise choices in everyday life.