Lähderannan koulu

Lähderaannan koulu offers basic education in grades 1–6. The school has altogether 265 pupils.

In Lähderannan koulu:

  • Pupils are in the centre of all activities.
  • Everyone's own strengths are the basis for learning. We encourage the joy of learning!
  • We use diverse, active methods in teaching and learning. We pay attention to learning environments.
  • Future skills, social skills, learning-to-learn skills and information gathering and maintaining are considered central.
  • We cooperate actively with pupils, personnel, guardians and other cooperation parties.

The school offers high-guality basic education. The participation of pupils and learning by doing are considered as central principles. Our school is actively involved in the Schools on the Move (Liikkuva koulu) project.

Pupils can choose German as an A2-level language beginning from the 4th grade.

Pupils in grades 4–6 have the opportunity to choose two free-choice subjects during the school year 2017–2018. The free-choice subjects are: Programming and robotics, Tips for everyday life, Creative hands, Joy of physical education, Flexibility and speed by exercising, Long live performance! as well as Nature and experimentalism.