Kirstin koulu

Kirstin koulu is situated in Suvela, near Espoon keskus. The school has almost 350 students/pupils from grades 1-6, a preparatory class and  also a preschool group.

Kirstin koulu is an inspiring and international primary school. We appreciate responsibility, appreciation of work and respect for others.

English is studied from the beginning of the 3rd class. Voluntary Swedish can be chosen on the 4th class. 

Special emphasis is on studying mathematics. Kirsti school is the base of Espoon Matikkamaa.

The awareness of languages and cultures is our strong area of expertise and it is part of our daily activities.

Kirstin päiväkoti (nursery) is situated next to our school. The nearest secondary schools are Saarnilaakson koulu and Kirkkojärven koulu.