Hansakallion koulu

Hansakallion koulu locates in the beautiful cultural landscape of Kauklahti. The school building was designed by Heikki and Kaija Sirén in the 1950’s. The school was renovated and extended between years 2009–2011. The renovation and extension were designed by the Aarne von Boehm architecture company. In August 2016, an extra facility called Paviljonki opened in the school’s sports field. It hosts 130 pupils and 10 staff members. In the academic year 2020-2021, sixth grade students study at Kauklahti school.

The school’s operations culminate in pupil-centered education and upbringing. In cooperation with different partners, we create a safe learning environment which supports the pupil’s growth as a responsible member of the society. Our aim is to equip pupils with good basic knowledge and skills.

We instruct pupils toward responsibility and cooperation and support their positive development and self-esteem. We emphasize good manners, courtesy and politeness.

In the school year 2020–2021, there were altogether 600 pupils in our school.

In our school pupils study English as A1 language starting in the first grade and Swedish as B1 language starting from the sixth grade. In addition, pupils can study Swedish or German as optional A2 language from grade 4 onwards.

Pre-school education and related early childhood education are organized on the premises of our school. Contact information: Kauklahden päiväkoti.

Hansakallion koulu  (foto: Voitto Niemelä)