Eestinkallion koulu

At Eestinkallio Primary School we aim to support our pupils to achieve the basic knowledge and skills. In teaching we appreciate and promote creativity encouraging the pupils to find and develop their individual skills. Our action is guided by joy of life.

Eestinkallio Primary School is situated in the midst of woody cliffs in the southern part of the city of Espoo. The surrounding woods offer good opportunities for nature-related teaching. The pupils’ awareness of the environment and their positive attitude towards nature is enhanced by the environmental education programme called the Green Flag, which is part of the international Eco-Schools programme.

The teaching of information and communication technology (ICT) is extensive at our school and the possibilities to use ICT are widely taken advantage of. In mathematics we prefer and promote functional teaching strategies.

Shared responsibility for education in partnership with school and parents/carers is highly valued by us. The good atmosphere in our school community has a positive impact on the pupils’ growth and learning.

The Supported School Path Start for Pupils with Immigrant Background

The pupils with immigrant background are taught as integrated groups within our mainstream preschool classes as well as within our mainstream Year 1 and Year 2 classes. The pupils study in their home class under the guidance of their class teacher and the special educational needs (SEN) teacher. The SEN teacher is in charge of supporting the pupils in their Finnish language learning and she is also a contact person between the parents/carers and the school. Thus, by way of these preventative measures, we aim at enhancing the possibility of these pupils to be placed in mainstream classes.

Shared Teaching (Co-Teaching) in Mainstream Classes                     

In shared teaching two mainstream classes study together under the instruction of two class teachers. Both classes have their own classrooms, which can handily be united by opening the sliding folding partition between them. The pupils in these classes can be taught as two separate classes or in groups formed on the basis of specific pedagogical purposes. Shared teaching also enables immediate response in case there is a pupil in need for extra support. Teaching strategies and assessment are more versatile when there are more adults co-operating. Furthermore, this procedure contributes to teacher well-being at work.

Integrated Groups in Mainstream Classes

This refers to a group of special needs educational pupils who are integrated in parallel mainstream classes, but they learn Finnish (the native language/Finnish as the second language), mathematics and English in their own separate group taught by the SEN teacher and by the subject teacher. The target of this course of action is to maintain the joy of learning, to give positive learning experiences and to focus supportive teaching on those in need of intensified support.


We warmly welcome visitors to our school. We will be pleased to give further information on our expertise and our school activities.